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About Us

Welcome to Rockin Pets!

We are the social networking site exclusively for pet lovers. Rockin Pets started in September 2010; based out of Los Angeles, CA. We bring together pet lovers as well as inform the public on the issues that pets face today. Here you can search for friends, lost pets, pets that are available to adopt, pet sitters, or pet businesses. You can even post a blog, add photos of your pet, chat with friends in real-time, add a live feed update, play pet related games, and send pet related cards. Keep checking back on our ”Gazette” for up-to-date news articles, events, adoptions, and anything pet related.

There are far too many challenges that concern pets and that are happening every single day. Most people are unaware of these or choose to look the other way. Our goal is to get every person involved; only then can there ever be a positive change. Together, we can make a significant difference in the lives of these beautiful, innocent creatures that continually give unconditional love.


This site is dedicated to my beloved Stasia Bear, my precious little boy who was with me for 15 ½ years.  He is such a blessing and I’m so grateful that he came into my life.  His unconditional, pure love was like nothing I’ve ever experienced.  I will cherish him and all of our memories forever, and he'll always be in my heart.

In Loving Memory
of Anastasia
3/96 – 9/13/11

Rockin Pets can be found on: 
  The Pet Press - LA
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  The Joyful Springer
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  The Pet Press
For People Who Love Animals And The Animals Who Need To Be Loved
  The Joyful Springer
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Rockin Pets
is a proud supporter of:

No-Kill Los Angeles     OperationSanta Paws
Golden State Humane Society
Cloud 9 Rescue Flights
Operation Blankets of Love
Los Angeles
Santa Paws
Golden State
Humane Society

Cloud 9
Rescue Flights

Blankets of Love