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Dog - Golden Retriever

Born    December 23, 2001      Died    February 3, 2014

To my family member and one of my best friends. We love you Sammy. Thank you for loving us and helping me to raise my kids.
Created February 06, 2014 by Judith K 

Lady Bugg

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Dog - Chihuahua

Born    unknown      Died    April 2, 2013

My lady Bugg was a sweet older chihuahua. People would always say I hate chihuahuas, yet when they met her they fell in love. I was never short sitters, or people to walk her. I got calls at work almost daily asking if they could walk Bugg. I met her 3 years ago, I was sad after a breakup and my friend said I needed a puppy. I went to go look at some puppies and I met Lady an older chihuahua, I asked about her and she was home less. Lady was happy at home and stuck by my side automatically and,quickly became Lady Bugg. She truly was my soul mate. When my heart was broken hers beat for us both. A little over a month ago I was walking her, and she was attached by a German sheapard. Not a day has gone by I haven't cried. I loved lady Bugg
Created May 19, 2013 by Victoria B 


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Cat - Domestic Shorthair Solid

Born    March 1996      Died    October 14, 2012

A very sweet and affectionate cat you were to everyone. You will be missed by your loving parents and your adoptive mama. We're all so glad for the time we had with you. I'll always remember you serenading me by my window, calling for me to come get you. You can now play in the fields under the Rainbow Bridge with your brother Anastasia.
You are invited to make donations in Murad's memory to
Rockin Pets Foundation


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Cat - Domestic Shorthair

Born    unknown      Died    April 27, 2012

I saw you hanging around my neighborhood and you were fighting with the male cats. I only wanted to help you. I wanted to get you fixed, get you vaccinated, then release you. I thought that would help with the fighting. I trapped you and took you to the clinic. Since you were feral, they tested you for FIV and FELV........ and you came back positive. They had to put you to sleep. I'm SO very sorry.... had I known that would happen, I might have done things differently. Someone in this world cared about you and was trying to do what they thought was best.
You are invited to make donations in Tans' memory to
Much Love Animal Rescue


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Cat - Domestic Shorthair Tabby

Born    March 1996      Died    September 13, 2011

My precious little boy... Words cannot express all the love I feel for him. He was such a blessing and I'm so grateful that he came into my life. For 15½ years he was my best friend and constant companion who was always there for me & gave me unconditional love. All he wanted to do was to love me, & his love was pure. He was always happy & eager to see me and my little pumpkin would follow me around the house and would be waiting for me when I opened the door... my lap became his bed & he kneaded me all the time. I'm going to miss my baby bear so much. I will cherish him & all of our memories forever, & he will always be in my heart. Love you baby & I'll meet you under the Rainbow Bridge one day...
You are invited to make donations in Anastasia's memory to
Rockin Pets Foundation

Created October 04, 2011 by rockinfina 

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