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Rockin Pets Safety and Security Disclaimer

At Rockin Pets we take your personal security and that of your pets very seriously.

The Rockin Pets mission is to facilitate the introduction of individual pet owners to individual pet sitters, pet care services, and pet care products. Rockin Pets makes no implied representation as to the identity, quality, serviceability or truthfulness of any individual, product or service you may find on this site. Feedback and References found on the Rockin Pets web site may give you some level of indication as to your prospective sitter's experience, however because identities and sources of feedback and references can not be verified, they may contain inaccurate, misleading or even fraudulent information.

Anyone can claim anything on the internet and just because someone has joined the Rockin Pets web site does not make him or her qualified to care for your pet (or a safe person to work for).

It is entirely up to Rockin Pets members and guests to verify the identities, experience level and references of any person or service they choose to hire, work for, or purchase. You must use your own judgment and common sense. If you have questions or concerns about your personal safety, please contact your appropriate local law enforcement agency for help.

Here are a few safety tips we strongly recommend, but it is not by any means an all-encompassing list.

Rockin Pets is not and will not be responsible for your personal safety and security or for that of your pets, and does not warrant or guarantee the identity, suitability, or performance of any person, service or product found on this web site. You must do your own research and investigation to satisfy yourself that you will be hiring or working with people and products that are competent and safe.

You may contact for any general questions, complaints or issues regarding your safety or security on our web site, but for specific personal security advice, we recommend and advise that you contact your local law enforcement agency.