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Fri, Jun 03 2016

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Who is Rockin Pets

We are the social networking site exclusively for pet lovers. Rockin Pets started in September 2010; based out of Los Angeles, CA. We bring together pet lovers as well as inform the public on the issues that pets face today. Here you can search for pet sitters, friends, lost pets, pets that are available to adopt, or pet businesses. You can even post a blog, add photos of your pet, chat with friends in real-time, add a live feed update, and play pet related games.  

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Who will take care of your Pets when you're no longer here...?
 - posted 09/18/12

"It is estimated that approximately 500,000 dog and cat owners die annually or are incapacitated without arranging for proper care and supervision of their pets. As a result, many pets end up in shelters where their future remains uncertain.

In an effort to provide tools and resources that help pet parents better provide for long term or permanent care of their pets, the ASPCA has entered into a partnership with, an online provider of individualized legal documents designed for families and small business owners."

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