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Rockin Pets Privacy Policy

At Rockin Pets we take your privacy and online security very seriously.

When you browse through our site we collect information on the efficiency and working of our web site including the number of times a web site page is accessed, the browser used, and paths taken through the web site. We purge this information at least yearly.

In order to advertise your services as a pet sitter on our web site and allow your potential customers to select you as a service provider, we prompt you for identifying and locating information as well as experience and qualifications information. Each item of information is specifically entered by you, and you have the choice to not enter the information. Your information is held in our database and used to match against searches performed by clients. You have the choice at any time to keep your information from being used in searches and to restrict the specific types of data which are provided to your potential clients through opt-in choices within your profile. This data will be maintained in our database for as long as your account is active or until you change or delete it. At any time you can delete your account and all identification, location, experience and qualifications associated with your account will be immediately purged.

We will not use your information for any purposes other than making it available to potential clients if you have requested us to do so, and in contacting you on matters directly related to web site operations and your account with us. In no case will any of your information be released to other third parties or used for any business other than that directly related to the Rockin Pets web site.

If you allow us to, we use "cookies" (small files on your computer) to provide you with a seamless transition from page to page, storing information for you that you have previously entered so that it does not need to be entered again. This information remains under your control on your computer and is not used for any other purposes. You may disable our use of "cookies" at any time through the security options of your web browser. Checking the "Keep me logged in" box keeps you logged in for up to 14 days from your last visit to the website, or until you explicitly log out. You should leave this box unchecked if you are on a shared computer. By checking this box, you consent to us storing a "cookie" on your computer to remember you by. The cookie will be deleted when you are logged off.

You may contact for any questions, complaints or issues regarding privacy and data security on our web site